Our Practice


Baltodano & Baltodano LLP provides the highest quality employment litigation, class action, and counseling services on the Central Coast and throughout California.  Strategically situated in downtown San Luis Obispo, we are located just a few hours from the Bay Area and Los Angeles.  We handle state and federal employment litigation throughout California, including Alameda, Santa Clara, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles Counties and the Central Valley.  Specializing in single-plaintiff wage-and-hour, discrimination, and wrongful termination cases and complex wage-and-hour class action litigation, we also provide counsel to human resource professionals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations regarding workplace policies to manage risk and avoid litigation in the first instance.

Staunch believers in our civil justice system, Baltodano & Baltodano LLP believes that everyone should, and must, have access to our nation’s system of justice and information regarding current employment rights and responsibilities, regardless of financial limitations or socioeconomic status.  For that reason, our clientele – like our personal and professional experiences – is immensely diverse.  We have had the privilege of representing both low-wage workers and company executives alike, as well as non-profit organizations and family-owned businesses.

Our attorneys graduated from some of the country’s most prestigious law schools and trained with some of our country’s best civil rights and employment law attorneys at well-respected non-profit organizations and national law firms representing Fortune 500 companies who employ tens of thousands of employees.  Our firm is frequently appointed class counsel by judges overseeing our class action caseload and we are considered one of the most highly respected plaintiff-side employment law firms on the Central Coast.

Founded by two Berkeley Law School graduates, Baltodano & Baltodano LLP has built a team of excellent attorneys, supported by a hard-working litigation support staff, who bring more than six decades of combined legal and policy experience to the courtroom, boardroom, and on behalf of small business owners.   Highly skilled at resolving employment disputes and anticipating potential legal pitfalls, we have a track record of successfully, strategically, and cost-effectively resolving employment matters.  Moreover, our values and rich life experiences give us the ability to connect, and have our message resonate, with individuals from all walks of life – a skill that serves our clients incredibly well with juries, judges, arbitrators, mediators, internal human resource and business clients, and opposing counsel.

In addition to maintaining the highest standards of legal excellence, ethics, and professionalism, Baltodano & Baltodano LLP possesses those intangibles which transcend the courtroom – compassion, a belief in the value of adversity as an opportunity for growth, and the utmost attention to detail in every aspect of our work.