Nurses Sue Twin Cities Community Hospital for Breaks & Wage Theft

On March 30, 2015, eight nurses filed a lawsuit in San Luis Obispo Superior Court against Twin Cities Community Hospital for rampant wage-and-hour violations, including wage theft and an across-the-board failure to provide breaks. The Hospital is a 122-bed acute care facility located in Templeton. It has an emergency room and provides a broad array of medical, surgical and outpatient services. The Hospital is owned by Tenet, the second-largest employer in San Luis Obispo County. The nurses allege that the Hospital failed to provide them with meal and rest breaks mandated under California law, failed to calculate their pay correctly, and required them to perform overtime work after their 12-hour shifts were completed.  Click the link for the complete story: PRESS ADVISORY Nurses Sue Twin Cities March 30, 2015

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