Movement & Emotion: The Artistic Work of Printmaker Phil Middleton, Ph.D. Now Showing at Baltodano & Baltodano LLP

After a long career as a psychologist and having participated in the miracle of personal transformation, Phil Middleton, Ph.D. immersed himself into the creative process of painting, sculpting and printmaking. A member of the local Central Coast Printmakers group (, Mr. Middleton’s work has been on exhibit at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art and at a number of local businesses through the SLO Museum’s “Art About Town” program. Baltodano & Baltodano LLP is pleased to showcase Mr. Middleton’s prints at our newly reorganized Marsh Street office.


Mr. Middleton says his work “attempts to create a sense of fluidness, movement and emotion.” In his own words, Mr. Middleton explains how his work “reflects and attempts to express my view that our life experience is characterized by a constant flow. Regardless of our own efforts or intent, changes, transitions and transformations occur constantly in our inner and outer world. Our attempt to engage and disengage with this movement within and around us, and the emotional states associated with this fluid existence is what has fascinated me and motivates my art.”

According to Mr. Middleton, the prints on display at Baltodano & Baltodano LLP have been made in two stages. The first stage involves creating a copper plate with a varied surface by removing sections through a repeated acid bath etching process.  The second stage involves printing the plate. Mr. Middleton varies the colors used when printing from the same plate to achieve an original, one-of-a-kind image.

Baltodano & Baltodano LLP is, as always, proud to support Art About Town, a unique partnership between San Luis Obispo County businesses and Central Coast artists, whereby artwork is displayed in private and public office spaces. Art About Town is organized by the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (SLOMA). For more information about SLOMA’s Art About Town, visit

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