Hernaldo Baltodano Joins FAIR Board of Directors to Promote Diversity within Plaintiffs’ Employment Bar in California

Baltodano & Baltodano LLP Founding Partner, Hernaldo J. Baltodano, has just joined the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Advocacy, Inclusion & Resources (FAIR), a non-profit organization founded by members of the California Employment Lawyers Association in 2009. FAIR’s mission is to promote diversity within the plaintiffs’ employment bar in California, so the attorneys representing California’s workers are as diverse as those they seek to represent. FAIR also seeks generally to raise public consciousness about worker’s rights and remedies, to provide educational opportunities and programs to individuals who seek to advance the rights of workers, including but not limited to fellowships, internships, and scholarships, and to carry on other educational activities associated with FAIR’s goals.

“We are thrilled to have Hernaldo Baltodano join the FAIR board,” said Supreeta Sampath, President of FAIR’s Board of Directors.  “His background as a prominent workers’ rights advocate on the Central Coast (and throughout California) and his personal commitment to diversity, inclusion and access, will bring us invaluable insights and enable us to expand the reach of our work. We look forward to working with Hernaldo in furthering FAIR’s important mission.”

“I am delighted to contribute toward FAIR’s mission to diversify the plaintiffs’ bar and educate the public about workplace fairness,” Mr. Baltodano said.  I’ve spent my entire career advocating for fairness in the workplace and, personally, I understand the value of having the diverse workforce of California represented by attorneys from diverse backgrounds.  It is truly an honor to serve alongside such a distinguished list of Board Members.”

In addition to Ms. Sampath, other FAIR Board Members include J. Bernard Alexander, III, Jinny Kim, Christina Cheung, Cornelia Ho-Chin Dai, David Duchrow, Toni J. Jaramilla, and Bryan Schwartz.

For more information about FAIR, visit www.fair-foundation.org.


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