Erica Flores Baltodano Receives 2016 Frank J. Pentangelo Writing Award

A couple of years ago, after traveling to Washington D.C. with her children, founding partner Erica Flores Baltodano felt compelled to write down her reflections on the trip.  She noted that her children were fortunate to visit and learn about the United State Supreme Court and experience the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, among other sites, through the eyes of their parents, both attorneys, who have spent their careers advocating for equal access to the law, workers’ rights, and social justice.  Her reflections turned into a bimonthly column called Mommy Esquire, published in the San Luis Obispo Bar Association Bar Bulletin.  On December 8, the Bar Association awarded Ms. Baltodano the 2016 Frank J. Pentangelo Award for Mommy Esquire and her creative contributions to the Bar Bulletin.

Mommy Esquire merges lessons in the law with lessons in parenting.  In doing so, Ms. Baltodano taps into complex legal and social issues, such as race, gender, immigration, and technology.  Her essays showcase the humanity of the legal profession and the ways in which we both teach and learn from our children.  “It is tremendously validating to be recognized for writing personal stories that stem from my daily juggle as the Managing Partner of a thriving law firm and mother,” Ms. Baltodano said after receiving the award.  “To follow in the footsteps of such a distinguished group of Pentangelo Award recipients is simply humbling,” she added.

Join us in congratulating Ms. Baltodano on her receipt of the 2016 Frank J. Pentangelo Award.  We look forward to reading the continued adventures of Mommy Esquire in the coming year.

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