Children’s Advocacy Institute Recipient of $143,297.23 Cy Pres Award Stemming from Baltodano & Baltodano LLP Lawsuit

The University of San Diego’s School of Law’s Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI) received a cy pres award of $143,297.23 resulting from the settlement in Lopez v. RM HQ LLC dba Real Mex Restaurants, et al.  A cy pres award is granted to a non-profit organization agreed upon by plaintiff and defense counsel as part of a class action lawsuit settlement when there are funds leftover after class members have received their settlements.

Professor Robert C. Fellmeth, Executive Director of the Children’s Advocacy Institute said “I can assure you that the funds will be spent frugally and effectively on our primary mission and core operations, which focus on leveraging positive change for children and youth through impact litigation, regulatory and legislative advocacy, research and public education.  This generous award will greatly enhance CAI’s ability to continue its efforts to improve the health and well-being of children and youth.  We greatly appreciate the time and effort expended by all of the attorneys who were involved in this matter.  We also appreciate the court’s approval of this distribution.”

Founded in1989, CAI is one of the nation’s premiere academic, research, and advocacy organizations working to improve the lives of all children and youth, with special emphasis on reforming the child protection and foster care systems and improving outcomes for youth aging out of foster care.  “Class Action settlements are complicated.  After reaching a favorable settlement on behalf of our class members, it is simply an added bonus that Defendant agreed to have unclaimed settlement funds support such a worthy organization.  Naming CAI the recipient of this cy pres award was a point of agreement by the attorneys on both sides of this case.”

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